Share Your Sorrow With Me
 Share Your Sorrow With Me

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Really good DVD on bereavement, 4 November 2012

By M Smail "Soul and Sesame" (UK)


Brian Lamb's DVD covers almost every aspect of grief, loss, sadness and sorrow, intertwining his own experience of the more difficult aspects of life with music and images.  He generously flags up the need for people in a loss process to be accompanied, rather than cut off through the "cheer up" platitudes of others. He calls for those of us who know deep sorrow to be open to receive comfort and offer strength from and to others who walk a similar road.

His message is not watery or sentimental.  It is clear from the tone and timbre of each chapter of the DVD that the wisdom Brian gives has been hard won through his own life.  The elevating music of Handel's Messiah weaves in an out of each chapter.  Christian belief underpins the content but this is not forced nor does it have a missionary or evangelical feel.  It appeals rather to each person's sense of The Beyond, Great Spirit, The Universal or God in Christ as Brian would name the Ineffable.

I would not say the DVD is something for someone in the first weeks of bereavement or loss.  I would have welcomed see it maybe two months after the loss of my partner.  It is now nearly two years since she died but I found, watching the DVD in August 2012 that I was both sustained and inspired. I was moved to tears and filled with joy.  A great deal of this comes through the spiritual presence of Brian and the excellence of the production team.


Bereavement, 23 August 2012

By Debs


This video is really good, it is good for training and for groups. Worth getting.  It did state that there was no God involved but did go into religion, but it was a good discussion base so not really that


It helps one deal with sadness and loss in a most constructive way, 10 May 2011

By Steve, National Health Service Manager, UK


This is an excellent DVD.  Mr Lamb certainly hits all the right buttons as he skilfully guides us though a whole range of emotions with brief reflective 'rests' along the way courtesy of the sublime music of Handel. There are also quotes and readings from some highly reputable sources such as the Bible (without bible bashing) and overall some very good insights into the human condition with ‘proof' why it really can help to talk and share one's feelings instead of suffering in silence.  Great stuff!

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